Announcing OPEN’s Token Sale & Airdrop Details


OPEN’s Token Sale is centered around creating a healthy, value-add group of token holders. Airdrops will be allocated to the whitelist, those who believe in the project long term, our telegram community, as well as a special airdrop to developers. Developers are a core focus for us at OPEN and multiple airdrops will help support their onboarding. Airdrops will also be given to early users within our community that utilize the developer’s applications.

Developer airdrops will come from an allocation of tokens specifically used to support developers. The purpose is to weed out speculative token holders (“flippers”) and keep the focus on our long term success. OPEN’s team is adamant about developing leading edge technologies developers require to adopt blockchain technology. OPEN can bring enormous utility to all blockchains in development, as they may see OPEN as a platform that can provide many developer relationships with its airdrop program and Developer Growth Pool.

At the initial distribution of tokens a separate airdrop allocation will be used to support authentic developers qualified by the ownership of a verified GitHub account. People or teams without a GitHub account are invited to apply when applications go out if they have an idea in development.

A series of Airdrops will occur at token distribution, and at various stages of the project over the coming months.

Because we have the benefit of being blockchain agnostic with our developer relationships, we are being approached by blockchains requesting OPEN to provide strategic support for their projects.

This allows us to not only make OPEN a truly ubiquitous payments infrastructure, but also enables us to support developers who choose to integrate OPEN with all the blockchains we integrate with. Given they will utilize a single API for payments, OPEN’s API being the only one in the industry, we are able to seamlessly ‘port’ them over to other blockchains. This has already been requested by a significant blockchain in development who wishes to contribute to OPEN.

Developer Growth Pool — Incentivizing the onboarding of developers to OPEN and OPEN Token

Utilizing a unique token pool, OPEN will be distributing allocations of tokens for applications and developers who wish to adopt cryptocurrency payments using OPEN.

This also serves to kick start adoption of the application by both communities of users, for example OPEN’s and Ethereum’s community including anyone holding Ethereum. Propagating incentives to both the application developer and the end user to adopt OPEN Platform!

Given OPEN is blockchain and cryptocurrency agnostic this enables developers the ultimate freedom and flexibility to distribute to any specific blockchain (Ethereum, TRON or NEO) and to receive the support from these communities through the OPEN Platform.

The Developer Growth Pool provides OPEN with a source of continuous growth, as it enables OPEN to consistently incentivize the onboarding of new application developers.

OPEN Token Flow and our Developer Growth Pool!

OPEN’s token has multiple roles in assisting developers and applications, and it enables the platform to perform numerous functions that enable developers to scale the number of developers onboarding onto the OPEN Platform.

OPEN Tokens activate the on-chain Scaffold infrastructure that applications can use to deploy their payment schemes to the blockchain. OPEN also requires developers and applications to stake supplied token as a fraud deterrence and security mechanism.


Token Metrics

All private sale token buyers/holders and developers will be subject to a lock up period, as is our team, to help ensure a healthy pool of token buyers and reduce speculation.

A specific pool of tokens sold will require a GitHub account as this will ensure that developers who wish to own tokens to enable the benefits of the technology and the Developer Growth Pool are able to access them and create their contributions.

We decided to support our hardcap after a lot of advice and reflection from some of the top folks in the blockchain industry. In finalizing our token metrics we had prominent members of the top blockchain projects provide very strategic advice on the serious potential OPEN has to not only become a dominant name in the blockchain space, but specifically the only name and brand in the application based payment space. This token structure also enables us to stop closing the door on interested value add strategic parties that can bring added value add to the success of OPEN and enable us strategic support in Asia. Further it enables us to support a public developer community and public programs the foster developer adoption of OPEN.


Integration Partners

OPEN has been approached by numerous non-blockchain ventures for strategic partnerships integrating OPEN’s technology and philosophy. Our first public mention of our partners features ZenSoft, a 150+ employee technology powerhouse that fuels the backends of some of Silicon Valley’s most notable startups. OPEN’s infrastructure will bolster ZenSoft’s enterprise, building highly scalable apps, through the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments. ZenSoft’s customers, which range from Fortune 500 companies to small startups, can pay their balance via OPEN’s platform, allowing ZenSoft to provide a service that is not only best in class, but positioned at the forefront of technological innovation.

Operating under the understanding that all blockchains require developers and all developers require payment infrastructure — we’re building the future.


For the reasons above OPEN has already received an incredible volume of allocation requests prior to the announcement of any private sale.

We will begin our private token sale February 21st.

If you haven’t already requested allocation, please do so at

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