Bug Bounty Program


Hello OPEN Community,

We would like to provide further details surrounding the bug bounty program launch!  

The bug bounty program allows us to recognize and reward members of our developer community for helping us find and address potential bugs that may be found in the use of our open source platform or chain. Like across many other projects, the bug bounty program is an ongoing program to ensure continuous improvements to the technology we have built and to increase developer engagement and contributions, ultimately providing a more well rounded open source offering to the future of our industry to work from.

There are four levels of classifications in the bounty program with various rewards:

  1. Critical: 250,000 to 500,000 OPEN
    • Core infrastructure vulnerabilities such as transaction alteration, data access issues, chain logic subversion
  2. Severe: 100,000 to 250,000 OPEN
    • Key generation, network slow down, wallet downloads
  3. Moderate: 25,000 to 100,000 OPEN
    • Explorer vulnerabilities, transaction implementation
  4. Low: 1000 – 25,000 OPEN
    • User Experience issues

Please ensure to follow the template for bug bounties and encrypt via PGP when submitting.

As is the standard with many projects, the bug bounty program will reward participants in token for their efforts in improving the technology and positively contributing to OPEN Platform. Reward tokens will be distributed to participants from the pool of tokens, set aside for corrections and future initiatives during the token swap process. 10 million tokens will be reserved for the bug bounty program to ensure all successful participants are rewarded. The amount of tokens reserved is reasonable given the significant benefits of the program and reflects standards across various projects with substantial code offering bug bounty programs. Any unused tokens will be burned.

We are working on the token burn process to ensure that our final token supply numbers are accurate and that we do not prematurely burn tokens that are required for important tasks mentioned previously and new upcoming initiatives like the bug bounty program that are held to improve the overall platform and engage developers. Once the token burn process is fully determined, we will make an announcement and provide these final token numbers.

For full details on the bug bounty program, please refer to our website.

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