Decentralized Technologies Integration Developer Grant


Introducing the Decentralized Technologies Integration grant program. A program focused on integrating traditional software applications with new decentralized technologies using Open’s infrastructure stack.  

Recall we launched multiple developer initiatives in the past, including the Open Technology Stack Development Program, which awarded funds to teams using Open’s infrastructure stack.

 This grant program is designed to increase the use of decentralized technologies in traditional application development and to provide significant and genuine use cases in traditional software applications.

Open’s offerings include Open Commerce, Open Payment Gateway, WooCommerce (the most widely used ecommerce tool) Integration, Open State (our interoperability technology), Open User Tools, Open Chain, Open Platform and Open APIs & SDKs developed over the last 6 years.


Develop and complete an application with use cases for a real world audience, customer audience or a use case that incorporates decentralized technologies.

Applicant projects should be in a traditional, ‘centralized’ or non-decentralized technologies background. For example, the application should be based on traditional technologies but uses Open’s tech stack to incorporate decentralized technologies in achieving the same business logic or outcome. This is along with any enhancements that may be made in incorporating decentralized technologies.

The developer grant reward awarded upon project completion is $5000 USD in USD stable coin or equivalents. This single grant reward will be awarded based on the sole discretion of the Open Platform team upon review of project submissions.

Program Details:

  • This program is focused on traditional software applications developers
  • Utilize and leverage OPEN’s technology in novel ways
  • That will utilize open infrastructure in their applications or development project
  • Awarded upon project completion
  • Any part of Open stack can be used
  • Program terms and conditions are the same as Open’s DApp Developer Application Program and Technology Stack Development Program 

Developers can use any of our technology offerings below:

Open’s Infrastructure Stack:

Open Commerce

Open Payment Gateway or WooCommerce Integration

Open Wallet

Open State (Interoperability)

OPEN User Tools  

OPEN Chain 

OPEN Platform


Documentation Guides:


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