Introducing the OPEN Developer Program


We are excited to announce the launch of the OPEN Developer Program! The Developer Program is an OPEN initiative to make it easier for developers to onboard onto OPEN and begin utilizing the blockchain. Developers in the program will receive the support of the OPEN community, as well as various exclusive benefits to ease their integration into the blockchain.

The OPEN Developer Program is an exclusive program, and as such, our goal is to bring the most qualified and committed software engineers into the program. Developers will be selected based on a combination of qualifications, including:

  • Length of Github account lifetime
  • Number of Repos and Commits
  • Amount of applications created

Benefits of the OPEN Developer Program

The goal of the OPEN Developer Program is to support our community of developers as best we can. We aim to do this by reducing the barriers to entry for developers interested in utilizing the blockchain. As part of this mission, members of the OPEN Developer Program will receive the following benefits:

Onboarding Token Allocation

  • Developers accepted into the OPEN Developer Program will receive an onboarding allocation of OPEN Token from the Developer Pool as part of the program.

Exclusive Airdrops

  • Developers accepted into the OPEN Developer Program will also be given access to exclusive OPEN Token airdrops from the OPEN Developer Pool.

Marketing Support

  • Developer applications will be promoted to the OPEN community throughout our growing telegram, email, reddit and twitter channels.
  • We will also be offering end user airdrops to the users of selected OPEN Developer Program members in order to incentivize the applications’ adoption.

This sounds amazing how do I join?

The application for the OPEN Developer Program can be found here.

Apply today, and let us know if you have any questions!

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