OPEN Bounty Confirmation Process


There has been a lot of excitement around the OPEN Bounty program that began back in September of last year, and we sincerely thank you for your participation and dedication. At the moment, we are currently working diligently to audit the Bounty campaigns to catch and disqualify cheaters prior to Token distribution.

In consideration of the fact that many of the Bounty participants utilized wallet addresses from many months ago, we understand that there is a very high likelihood that some of you would like to select an alternate address. So we’ve devised a plan of action to resolve this easily and securely.

*Note* – if you do not need to change your wallet address for the OPEN Bounty program, you can ignore the rest of this message. Rest assured, your Tokens will be delivered as soon as possible.

Otherwise, in the very near future we will send you an email containing your old Bounty address, and if you are interested in changing this address, please reply to that email with the following information:

  • Desired new wallet address
    • Note – this address cannot be an exchange address
  • Old wallet address
  • Bounty username
    • Note – can be easily found in the Leaderboard section of Bounty if you have forgotten yours.
  • An image containing a Government Issued Identification Card & a piece of paper with your email written on it (both must be in the same image)
    • Note – This is not KYC, this is just so we can verify that you have access to your email. This is for your security.

Please format your message as below:
Old wallet address: 0x…
New wallet address: 0x…
Bounty Username: …

Of course this is a time-intensive process but shortly after these steps are done, we will make an announcement to distribute your OPEN tokens. You can also email the above required information to in the event that you do not receive an email from us.

The past few weeks have had some fantastic news and events for OPEN Platform and in the near future we’ll be revealing even more!

If you haven’t already done so, bookmark our Blog and be sure to follow us on Twitter @openplatformico for the latest updates and news as the excitement around OPEN continues to grow.

The future is OPEN!

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