OPEN Community Brief


Hello OPEN Community,

As 2018 is coming to an end, we want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and provide a community brief on our token swap and technical development progress.

Token Swap

Since the token swap review began, a large number of form responses have been processed and a substantial amount of wallet addresses have been audited to correct outstanding swap calculation inaccuracies. Edge cases, deceptive form responses, numerous layers of complexity in analyzing 80 different scenarios, and incorporating multiple snapshots and bonus amounts in the swap calculation for over 60,000 addresses are some of the biggest factors that have prolonged this review process.

However, the review is progressing well and, once finished, final token distribution will occur. Although completing the token swap calculations accurately and thoroughly is an extensive and time-intensive process, it is necessary to ensure everyone receives the correct amount of tokens. The swap has importance of great magnitude as it involves a large number of wallets, so it is essential that it is executed correctly rather than hastily to ensure accuracy for all token holders. Our plan is to complete the swap as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience during this time.

Technical Development

As the swap process is progressing, we will release a series of comprehensive technical reports that cover significant updates and information surrounding OPEN Platform, OPEN Chain, architecture, transactions, security, OPEN Wallet and much more. We are excited to share details on all the major achievements we have completed in the last months so stay tuned!


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