OPEN Community Update: New Developer Portal and More


Hello OPEN Community,

We want to provide a community update to highlight some recent developer engagement and technical initiatives that we have been working on to grow OPEN Platform and support the adoption of decentralized technologies.

New Developer Portal

As we are a development tool with a number of infrastructure offerings tailored to developers, it made sense to have a developer-focused portal. This acts as a resource for developers to visually see the offerings and products completed. Though our new site is still undergoing changes, we did want to showcase some new features as we roll out some new initiatives that have been in planning for months. These new features include a Bug Bounty Program and Developer Resources Portal where you’ll find tons of great documentation around our platform, further;

The Bug Bounty Program allows us to recognize and reward members of the community for helping us find and address potential bugs that may be found in the use of our platform or chain. Although our team of experts has made every effort to remedy all the bugs in our systems through testing, there is always a chance that we might have missed one posing a significant vulnerability. Naturally many projects offer bug bounty programs as a way to extend capacity from those who may utilize technology in a different focus or manner than intended. If you choose to participate and discover a bug, we appreciate your cooperation in responsibly investigating and reporting it to us so that we can address it as soon as possible.

The Developer Resources Portal acts as a comprehensive resource housing some of the developer resources we have today for developers to utilize immediately. In addition, the portal engages and invites talented developers to use OPEN Platform and to start building their own decentralized applications. As OPEN becomes a more professional open source project, we need to ensure developers can identify the features OPEN has to offer. Our new site enables some of the new initiatives coming and specifically the developer portal lays out the features in a clear and functional way. We will detail some of these key items for developers in following posts.

We are also excited to announce the upcoming development of our OPEN State. The OPEN State brings a novel approach to interoperability features by providing necessary infrastructure across networks and development infrastructure.


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