OPEN Platform and Zensoft Partner on Blockchain Technology


OPEN Platform launches first enterprise partnership agreement with Zensoft

Zensoft, a 150+ employee technology powerhouse that fuels the backends of some of Silicon Valley’s most notable startups, has entered into a strategic partnership with the OPEN Platform to facilitate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in its enterprise software development projects.

OPEN, a San Francisco and Toronto based blockchain initiative, provides an essential infrastructure for integrating blockchain technology into existing and future software applications. OPEN’s blockchain Scaffolds, OPEN State transaction receipts, and the OPEN API will allow Zensoft to incorporate cryptocurrencies. OPEN’s payments infrastructure provides software developers and applications the needed infrastructure to connect payments made on-chain in wallets in a way applications can actually utilize them by syncing them with their databases. “Providing the necessary infrastructure developers require to process cryptocurrency based payments on backends the way applications process fiat payments today, is key to the adoption by the application developer.” said Ken Sangha a member of OPEN.

“We are proud to present Zensoft as our first enterprise level integration partner. Our mission is to empower software developers to utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies from within their existing application architecture. Zensoft is the perfect example of a world class developer that has recognized the shift towards decentralized technologies for their clients and OPEN is there to enable that.”

David Tolioupov, CEO of Zensoft, explained “Integration with the OPEN Platform aligns with Zensoft’s mission to become the AWS for Software Development Expertise. A crypto company can now rent development, design, QA and machine learning capacity from Zensoft by paying directly with its own cryptocurrency. This creates a synergistic value dynamic with our customers as building a high performing product for these customers furthers Zensoft’s bottom line.”

With over 150 team members distributed around the globe and offices in San Francisco, Minsk, Tel Aviv and Bishkek, Zensoft specializes in leveraging cutting edge tools to make the software development process streamlined and efficient for its clients. “We believe that effective time tracking, communication and transparency are key to building high quality products and meeting deadlines. The Zensoft Platform gives you complete, real-time visibility into the development process through performance and progress metrics.”

OPEN is excited to announce new partnerships in the coming weeks that utilize OPEN’s blockchain based payment infrastructure technology. OPEN’s developer program includes it’s developer growth pool to help developers achieve early traction for their applications. One of those which OPEN is excited about is titled Crypto Racing League, which uniquely utilizes decentralized assets combined with off chain game design mechanics.

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