OPEN Roadshow Airdrop Announcement


Now that the Asia Roadshow has come to an end, OPEN would like to thank everyone who showed up to support OPEN Platform and the blockchain community as a whole. Today we are announcing the first of several important airdrop and bounty program updates. If you attended one of our exceptional events in Asia, read carefully!

OPEN is incredibly grateful to all of the people who helped make the events in Seoul, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Tokyo an overwhelming success. As a token of their gratitude, OPEN gave all attendees a physical airdrop of OPEN Tokens which can be redeemed online.

Supporters who attended the OPEN Asia Roadshow can redeem their tokens by visiting this page on the OPEN Platform website. There, they can enter the following information to receive their OPEN Token:

  • Token code
  • Email address
  • ERC20 wallet address (non exchange address)

Once this information has been submitted and verified, OPEN will transfer the tokens to the person’s wallet of choice.

OPEN Platform continues to make headlines across the global crypto community, and the OPEN Team is honored to share these victories with supporters who share the same vision for widespread cryptocurrency adoption.

As the world’s first decentralized payment solution, OPEN Platform seeks to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream by making blockchain technology accessible to all who want to use it. By removing the need for chain-specific coding languages like Solidity, developers without experience working with blockchain technology are able to integrate their new and existing applications to blockchains through OPEN Platform.

More about OPEN Platform

OPEN Platform is a payment-processing gateway that enables users to spend cryptocurrency in real-time on online transactions, subscriptions, and in-app purchases. It’s the only payment solution that supports multiple blockchains and protects developers against volatility in the market.

Visit the OPEN website today to learn more about OPEN Platform. People interested in becoming part of the OPEN community are encouraged to join the Telegram group to stay up-to-date with the current news surrounding OPEN Platform.

Developers who want to integrate OPEN Platform into their applications are welcome to register for the OPEN Developer Program and benefit from OPEN’s developer pool, which provides token airdrops directly into the wallets of developers as a “thank you” for helping grow the community.

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