OPEN’s Asia Road Tour Concludes in Tokyo


OPEN’s Asia Roadshow has drawn to a close but the excitement around here is still going strong. Over 1,000 people attended the OPEN events over the past 2 weeks, with Seoul and Hangzhou having such strong turnouts that we couldn’t let people in due to overcrowding.

At each stop in Asia hundreds of people showed up to learn about OPEN Platform and listen to the fantastic lineup of speakers. The co-founder of, Jack Yeu, CEO of Zensoft, David Tolioupov, and the CEO of OPEN, Ken Sangha, were the main guest speakers.

This is the beginning of something amazing in Asia. Our audience had lots of fantastic questions and our developer program garnered a lot of attention. We talked about our first OPEN office plans in Asia, and at several stops, especially Hong Kong, met a lot of people eager to contribute to our project. In Seoul we had Spunky in attendance and we played a fun Korean card game with the audience, awarding tokens to some of the winners.

We are inspired by what we saw throughout our roadshow. Media outlets were ever present and a joy to work with. It was evident that many in the crowd were incredibly knowledgable as they fired off fantastic technical questions from Tokyo to Shanghai and Seoul to Shenzhen and every stop in-between. The organizers for the road show were absolutely amazing and the venues were excellent. We’re feeling nostalgic already back in California! One of the best venues we were at was in Shanghai where we were at an event hall that was way up high over the city which gave us some great views.

It would be impossible for us to choose a ‘favorite’ among the stops in the Asia Road Show. We had a fantastic time at each and every stop and were happy to hear the great questions, the generous receptions we received, the turnouts, and the overall general interest in OPEN Platform. We were really looking forward to connecting personally with our community in Asia and are grateful for the opportunity to do so. We have so much more we want to share with our community in Asia and abroad.

Make sure you stay up to date with this blog and our other channels for upcoming announcements. We have some surprises up our sleeves, and you won’t want to find out second hand. You can also visit our website for more information about the OPEN Platform, the Asia Roadshow, and read our White Paper. You’ll be glad you did.

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