Our Focus on Developers in 2020  


Our focus in 2020 is centered around utilizing all of the consistent progress we have made over the last years in developing significant assets for developers looking to build advanced applications and technology.

Numerous technologies built from hundreds of thousands of lines of code have been developed across our platform and continue to be developed as we navigate an ever-changing landscape while maintaining our original vision. As of late 2019 and planned through to 2020, we are currently working on a few supplementary projects that will enhance and compliment the ecosystem that we have built around developer infrastructure.  In the last two years we have seen slower than anticipated progress in multiple areas of the industry including projects, developers and purpose-built chains. However, progress still continues as the spectrum of technologies available for application development evolve through growth and challenges in this nascent space.

By mimicking and focusing on the affinity of infrastructure software trends in the traditional development sphere, we help extend developer familiarity to decentralized technologies. APIs, for instance, have brought considerable convenience and cost reductions to numerous application developers, changing the landscape of traditional application development in recent years. Since developers have become very accustomed to convenience, architecture that enables quicker, more convenient development and utilizes decentralized APIs is the most likely option for adoption of decentralized technologies into the first generation of applications that span from centralized technologies.

We have commented recently on the slower than expected pace of growth in 2020 for both payment volumes and categories of growth for payments made. In addition, as the decentralized landscape has seen a considerable reduction in active and independent developers over the last two years, it is reasonable to look at the area of non-decentralized application use cases to appeal to developers who are currently not involved in decentralized application development. Looking at centralized technologies over the decentralized landscape as an area of focus could attract interest in incorporating existing OPEN technologies. We believe hybrid incorporation is a faster route through the innovator’s dilemma, which is in common with most decentralized technologies including recent and popular offerings in the space, such as DeFi-based protocols

With this in mind, our focus in 2020 is to further drive developer awareness of the technologies we have completed. Despite current conditions, we still believe it is advantageous to remain consistent in development and driving awareness amongst developers with interest in utilizing decentralized technologies. We are also looking forward to building community engagement and sourcing community ideas in the building of awareness of the open source technologies that we have built.

Additional goals in 2020 are to promote numerous ways of utilizing the open source chain that we have built. Recall that we have strategically used Kotlin with the intent of professional utilization of our chain for organizations who wish not to build from scratch their own chain, but instead to utilize OPEN Chain in their own projects. Kotlin is also interoperable with Java and Java-based frameworks, a feature sought out by OPEN to increase potential developer uptake. Further, the decision to use Kotlin has also been applied to all OPEN technologies, as Kotlin is suitable for professional enterprise projects. Our intention is to remove redundant development decisions and focus on adding progress to the decentralized community. 

Developers are encouraged to fork, build on, modify and experiment with the OPEN Chain repositories available on our Github. Further, we are open to supporting and providing resources to developers, organizations and teams who choose to utilize our open source chain. This support includes development support and joint development efforts for project-specific needs. Our goal here is to remove redundancies by creating an open set of open source technologies that can be picked up and utilized by developers looking to focus their efforts on expanding centralized applications into a decentralized environment.

Additional technologies are being planned and made to the OPEN technology stack which will be announced later in 2020.  


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