Switcheo Will List OPEN Platform


We are delighted to announce that Open Platform (OPEN) will be listed on Switcheo Exchange upon their Callisto update. The specific listing date will be announced later. The listing will allow Switcheo users to trade OPEN with ETH.

About Open Platform:

We are building the world’s first bridge for mainstream software to the blockchain, providing an infrastructure for real-world applications of the blockchain and cryptocurrency by making it easy for mainstream software developers to integrate decentralized technologies.

We envision a world where all applications accept cryptocurrencies as easily as they do fiat currency. We see and know that applications of the future will not entirely be on the blockchain. Rather, the blockchain will serve as a kernel and do things that its technology is uniquely suited to do, such as payments, asset issuance, transparency, and auditability. OPEN lets different representations of data, some in decentralized networks and others in centralized ones, communicate with each other.

Find out more about Open Platform here:

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About Switcheo Network:

Switcheo Network is a Decentralised Exchange currently built on the NEO blockchain that facilitates the exchange of digital assets including NEO’s system assets (NEO, GAS) and NEP-5 tokens. Switcheo aims to achieve a DEX network with cross-chain swapping capabilities between all the popular blockchains such as QTUM (QRC20) and Ethereum (ERC20), and research is being done for up and coming blockchains such as Zilliqa and EOS.

Switcheo is focused on delivering an intuitive trading experience with minimal fees, without compromising the benefits of having complete control and custody of users’ funds at all times through a trustless and decentralised trading environment.

Like OPEN Platform, Switcheo is backed by NEO Global Capital (NGC) and has strong community support.

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