Token Swap Execution and Distribution


Hello OPEN Community,

We would like to announce that the token swap calculation is complete! The swap is executed and the new OPEN Chain tokens are distributed from the following token contract:


Although we have put extensive measures in place to ensure that the token swap calculation is accurate, we want to be thorough and will still account for the possibility that there are some edge cases remaining. Community members have the opportunity to report issues, if any, so that manual corrections can be made if needed and appropriate. To report issues, please fill out this Google form by Sunday, January 27, at 9 PM PST:

We will review the form responses and make necessary corrections, if any, as promptly as possible.

To allow for any remaining issues to be fixed, a pool of over 372,000,000 tokens was set aside: This token pool will be used to make any necessary corrections after distribution and to distribute the utility token to private sale participants that had not fully vested their tokens before the swap. Tokens not used, which we predict will be the majority, will be provably burned.

Please note that the supply for our OPEN Chain token contract is currently 1,842,000,000. This supply is based on the number of token holders that signed up for our three respective snapshots (1.5x, 1.75x, 2x) and held until the swap. The total supply is currently inflated due to the creation of a pool as insurance for any problems during distribution. Again, these tokens will be burned after we find no issues exist and after we have fully vested all of our utility token private sale participants that were subject to a much longer lockup.

Thank you for your patience throughout this entire process. Varied calculations across tens of thousands of addresses was a complex process and took time. Stay tuned for more exciting technical updates in the near future!

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