Token Swap Review


Hello OPEN Community,

After handling hundreds of millions of tokens across tens of thousands of addresses, we have finally completed our token swap calculation. We thank you for your patience and continued support!

During this process, we have experienced some delays after receiving community feedback and helping some community members troubleshoot their issues. In addition, our community has asked us to hold a token swap review period before final swap execution and token distribution. This will allow token holders to review the number of tokens they receive as a result of the swap bonus and report inaccuracies, if any, so that manual corrections can be made if needed and appropriate.

Although we have put extensive measures in place to ensure that our token swap calculations are accurate, we will hold this review period in case of the possibility that there are some inaccuracies. We respect our community’s concerns and want to ensure everyone receives the correct amount of tokens.

Therefore, please click on the link below to access our token swap review website where you can view the number of tokens you will receive as a result of the swap bonus by inputting your wallet address:


If there is an inaccuracy in the number of tokens you will receive, please fill out this Google form by Wednesday, November 21st, at 12 PM PST (closed now but will reopen after current calculation inaccuracies are resolved):


After the form closes, we ask that you allow us time to review the form responses and make the necessary corrections, if any. We will announce distributions and provide further updates after this review process is over.


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