Who’s Excited About OPEN?


We’re fortunate enough to have a great community that has done a phenomenal job of spreading word. As more people heard about what we were doing, we ended up featuring in videos and announcements of a lot of wonderful influencers in the blockchain space.

Because we recently got ranked as the number one project by influencers globally, we wanted

to share with you what these influencers have to say!

Influencer: TheGobOne

Highlight: “This is why I think OPEN is huge. I know I keep saying it — this is the kinda stuff that will move cryptocurrency forward to adoption because that [having companies accept cryptocurrencies as payment] is the biggest hurdle right now to adoption, by far, in my opinion.”

Description: It was an absolute joy to talk to TheGobOne and we were delighted to see what he had to say in his video review. We find this quote especially powerful because it captures a core part of what we are doing and why we are doing it. We see the massive, untapped potential cryptocurrencies have and want to eliminate the technological barriers preventing them from going mainstream by empowering the developer. It’s time to begin taking the next, bold stride in bringing blockchain into the mainstream.

Influencer: OhHeyMatty

Highlight: “I have now had some more in depth conversations with Ken and really love him as a CEO, just a personal opinion of mine. Definitely a smart guy and I look forward to seeing the progress they make at OPEN Platform. Really changing the paradigm back to square one”

Description: What we really appreciate about OhHeyMatty is the level of objectivity he takes when evaluating projects and his critical lens in identifying opportunity. One of the things we are most proud of is our incredibly experienced and talented team so we (especially Ken!) definitely appreciate that acknowledgement. Always great to see key influencers recognizing OPEN’s potential to revolutionize the status-quo of crypto.

Influencer: Sergio

Highlight: “Using cryptocurrencies is not easy. As a software developer, that I am myself, already handling payments with Visa is not easy already, but with cryptocurrencies it’s even harder. So this is a very good and very needed use case.”

Description: Our mission has always been to focus on the developers. To empower them in order to move the world forward. So we really appreciates the perspective Sergio provided, as a developer, on how complicated payments can be and how existing solutions fall short.

Influencer: Douglas Polk



While no video on us yet, we really enjoyed the conversation we had with Doug. It was great speaking with him in person and explaining our vision and getting his take on it. As you can see, he’s as excited as we are. Look out for content coming up soon!

Those are just a few of the many key influencers in the blockchain space excited about what we are doing. Everyone here at OPEN is incredibly grateful and really thankful to our community, influencers, believers, and developers. Let’s create the decentralized future!

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