A Quick Look at the OPEN Developer Program


The OPEN Developer Program is a campaign to grow the OPEN Platform and Community by incentivizing developers to use and market the OPEN Platform. The Developer Program works by onboarding developers and adding them to the Developer WhiteList.

Once these developers are on the Whitelist they will receive initial welcome airdrop of OPEN Token from the Developer Pool to encouraging them to use OPEN.

The OPEN Developer Program is created for several reasons:

  • To reduce barriers to entry for developers when joining the OPEN Community. This is important because the developers play a critical role in the value of the platform through the applications that they implement.
  • To provide incentives for developers already on the OPEN Platform to grow the Community. Since current developers are airdropped tokens depending on the payments going through their Scaffolds, there is a strong incentive for developers to increase the number of end users in the OPEN Community.
  • To provide a means for developers to grow the OPEN Community. Through developer assisted airdropping developers can effectively market the OPEN Platform to new users.

OPEN’s method for marketing to the Developer Community

Developer Pool Token Airdrops

Active developers will be airdropped tokens from the OPEN developer pool at regular intervals. These airdrops will be pushed to the developers’ wallets with the amount being based on the number of Scaffold’s the developer has, as well as the number of transactions processed through each Scaffold. These airdropped tokens are meant to incentivize developer’s to engage and grow the number of users on the OPEN platform.

Developer Assisted Airdrops

Developers can push their OPEN tokens to their application users, through the OPEN-enabled Scaffold functions. This provides an incentive for users to sign-up for developer applications and increases the likelihood of users to sign-up for OPEN. This mechanism will provide substantial end-user growth as well as being a value-add perk for the developers.

A Potential Use Case for Developer Assisted Airdrops

One of the potential methods of airdropping tokens to end users would be to have OPEN sign-up bonuses for Users that join the OPEN Community and use a developer’s Scaffold. It is important to note that the airdrops would be different for users because these airdrops would be dependent on the user actually using the platform (i.e. a user could not simply sign-up with a bunch of Scaffold’s to rack up token).

The OPEN Developer Program is a Tool for Developer Success

The OPEN Developer Program is more than just a strategy to onboard developers into the OPEN community, it is also implemented to give every developer a greater chance of success in a competitive industry. Developers are benefited in two different ways when they become a part of the OPEN Developer Program:

  • The Developer Program also gives developers access to different chains, this not only enables developers to market their applications to a variety of audiences, it also forces chains to compete to have them use their platform.
  • OPEN provides developers with an opportunity to market to known consumers, by offering OPEN Token for users that sign-up. In this manner, developers can reach a broad audience of guaranteed customers.

This sounds amazing how do I join?

Initially, the OPEN Developer Program will work to onboard developers onto a Whitelist to ensure user security, by individually vetting malicious or fraudulent developers. The beginning stages of this vetting program will consist of a sign-up be processed on an individual basis. As the Platform evolves, the Developer Program will transition to a staking and identity-based Whitelist that can track reputation.

The sign-up process for the OPEN Developer Whitelist will begin soon, so join the OPEN Telegram and email subscriptions on our website to stay updated!

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