Hey Blockchain, Let’s Take A Big Step Forward


Among the recent infrastructure projects designed to help flourish the blockchain, most seem to primarily address what is already being done within the blockchain stack, offering a marginal innovation with respect to what’s currently available, without projecting the adoption of the blockchain as an ecosystem. Until now, much of what we’ve seen take place are projects iterating a blockchain functionality or for tools to help build wallets or smart contracts.

At OPEN we believe it’s time to build outward facing momentum by providing support for software developers outside of the blockchain community. As they start utilizing this amazing technology, the common individual will begin utilizing cryptocurrency driving increasing mainstream adoption.

What better way to spark the rate of adoption then to appeal and incentivize the people who build the tools for everyday interaction? Both business and consumer developers, with the correct tools, can help promote blockchain expansion.

From paying your barista in cryptocurrency, to utilizing a smart contract to automatically gas your vehicle to investing in your fiat mutual fund account with cryptocurrency proceeds, these are all interactions that software has innovated at the hands of developers. Bridging them to cryptocurrency and the blockchain would enable software developers to spark new uses and innovations first in the everyday lives of consumers, subsequently those in the business to business or enterprise space.

We believe the OPEN Project is a step in the right direction with an API Platform built with developers in mind, by developers. We take the broad approach that blockchain enthusiasts dream of and work to extend it’s reality into our everyday lives.

Our initial approach includes a REST API platform and an SDK with support for JS, iOS, Android and React-Native. By utilizing this technology approach, we’ll be able to support a wide range of both web and mobile software developers. Initial features integrated by developers utilizing the OPEN Platform for our monetization features, will also benefit from the constant evolution and introduction of new capabilities and features built into our API. This will enable them to make simpler integrations and calls that would enable new blockchain or cryptocurrency capabilities and features, all within the same platform.

Our goal is to implement a very lean design for development requirements and development resources on behalf of parties looking to integrate these services. Most software developers prefer to integrate proven tools into their applications instead of putting in hours trying to duplicate their functionality.

This was designed on purpose as key members of our team faced the problems that our OPEN platform addresses when trying to integrate cryptocurrency into our previous app development company. Despite an extensive survey of all existing tools on the market, we could not find an adequate solution. The closest thing we found resembled a BItPay integration. However, our developers quickly discovered that their integrations, utilizing web hooks, were more than a little complicated and inconvenient for us use.

At that moment we knew we had a golden opportunity in our hands. An opportunity that every app developer, game developer, or any web or mobile product in our industry could utilize. We also realized the potential that it brings to the table for extending cryptocurrency adoption.

That is what the OPEN Platform is all about.

Ready to take a big step forward? Join us on the journey!

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