[INFO] Open Platform


Some of you have been asking for an example of how the OPEN Platform would work. In this example, we will go over a very brief explanation of how it is planned. A dating app’s developer offers users an option to upgrade to a premium membership. They will implement OPEN Platform to have faster access to funds, including cryptocurrency.

1. The developer creates a Scaffold for his dating app. The Scaffold is customized for his premium subscription model using OPEN Platform’s API.

2. The Scaffold is activated using OPEN Token.

3. Joe is having no luck dating lately and wishes to become a premium subscriber and using his OPEN Wallet, sends crypto of his choice to the Scaffold (enabled through the OPEN API)

4. The Scaffold receives the funds, checks all the properties of the transaction and when all parameters are satisfied, automatically sends the cryptocurrency to the developer as well as provides Joe with an OPEN_State as having paid for a premium membership.

5. The applicaiton’s database verifies that Joe has paid for the premium membership and Joe is granted the premium membership.

6. Joe finds and marries the love of his life.

This was a very simplified version of a use case. Read in much more detail in our whitepaper and find out what other great things can come from the use of the OPEN Platform!

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