Introducing OPEN: Powering Blockchain Acceptance for Mainstream App Developers


At OPEN we believe the mainstream consumer app (both web and mobile apps) space is long overdue for a giant leap forward. That leap has come in the form of the blockchain.

However in order for mainstream apps to make that leap, the challenges of monetization and distribution on the blockchain in addition to convoluted app store policies on receiving cryptocurrency must be solved for developers.

In other words, incentives in the form of basic infrastructure need to be in place for mainstream software developers to come to the blockchain. Developers understand the opportunity is clear, for there is currently over $100 billion in liquid cryptocurrency within two currencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) alone. However, App Stores aren’t making it easy for app developers to accept these cryptocurrencies. There are no easy developer friendly tools for monetization (i.e. the acceptance of cryptocurrency) and distribution for their software that fit into the developer’s native development infrastructure.

An Opportunity — Built by Developers, For Developers.

To support the realization of this vision, OPEN is launching the OPEN Platform an initiative to provide mainstream software developers the infrastructure ground work and ecosystem they need to begin accepting the blockchain. OPEN’s team’s mission is to foster the acceptance of the blockchain by mainstream software.

OPEN plans to provide this in the form of a REST API and SDK based Platform, aka the OPEN Platform, which will provide developers with key core products that will enable them to break into the blockchain and break free of convoluted app stores cryptocurrency acceptance policies. The OPEN Platform’s API will solve monetization both on the blockchain and off the blockchain for developers looking to accept cryptocurrencies in their user accounts architecture, to port smash hit proven products into stand alone cryptocurrency applications and to distribute solely on the basis of cryptocurrency.

A Tale of Two Markets & The OPEN Platform Story

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two unique cryptocurrencies currently hold over a $100 billion combined market cap. This value is extremely incentivizing to app developers, who are becoming increasingly aware of the overlapping demographic behind app developers and cryptocurrency owners.

Key members of the OPEN team are simply solving a problem they experienced in the past as app developers. Past investors and fellow industry colleagues would approach, inquiring about the incorporation of the blockchain and Bitcoin into their gaming apps. Although there was massive potential to tap into these markets due to the nature of the blockchain world, there was no stable and easy ‘ground work’ laid out to plug into for easy monetization and distribution. This allowed the app store (i.e. iTunes) to remain comfortably seated as the primary means of distribution despite the standard 30{e9b7b6e97581a958d2bc378a46799d644da7fe427050b58be8de8c4fdd2a2020} distribution fee.

A year later, the same problems still exist for app developers. But with new developments in blockchain technology, Ethereum based smart contracts are driving popularity and alternate uses of blockchains. Additionally, Ethereum and Bitcoin’s combined market cap grew to over $100 billion, far more than it was 12 months ago. This makes the cryptocurrency opportunity far more enticing for app developers than ever before.

That’s the opportunity the OPEN Platform is giving app developers: The ability to tap into this massive liquid value that is already in digital form, ready to be spent on apps in mere seconds. Who doesn’t use a SaaS, utility or gaming apps today — whether web or mobile?

OPEN Platform’s API and SDK (JS, iOS, Android, React-Native) based solution is focused on allowing developers to effortlessly implement a platform that seamlessly provides access to the massive and growing value of the blockchain and crypto environment.

The Team and Direction Behind the OPEN Project

The OPEN Platform is being built to be the premier gateway for connecting all apps, including business and enterprise applications to the blockchain. But why start in consumer apps, you may ask? The answer lies in the prominent experience of the team in the consumer app space.

The team offers a wealth of varied experience: architecting a mainstream app with 50 million+ downloads, developing digital projects for major brands like Toyota and Adidas, being featured in both New York Times and CNBC, guest speaking to mobile engineers at Yahoo on mobile growth, being tasked with leading the deployment of the Asia-Pacific head quarters of a billion dollar software company, and being the engineering lead on the Facebook BB 10 OS app.

We are simply focusing on our strengths and deep history of successful technical achievement.

By focusing on consumer apps, mainstream usage and engagement in the blockchain will increase. The OPEN Platform will continue to develop new features and products, leading the way for mainstream software to evolve on the blockchain. Subsequently, as business and enterprise software developers begin to see mainstream adoption, they will be eager to follow suit. With a strategic plan and deep understanding of both consumer and enterprise application development, this vision will be realized by the OPEN Platform project.

The infrastructure approach OPEN is taking will enable the platform to be at the forefront of acceptance by mainstream apps. Furthermore, to ensure long term mainstream software engagement two fold, the OPEN Platform project will have open source forks and open source community support to ensure the platform is headed in a direction influenced by those shaping trends in the industry. This ensures that the platform’s evolution is constantly focused on serving mainstream app developers and connecting them to the biggest opportunities on the blockchain.

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Join us on our mission to bridge mainstream software on the blockchain!

The OPEN Platform Team

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