OPEN Development Surging Ahead: Record Number of GitHub Commits and More Technical Updates


We have continued to charge through our technical timeline!

OPEN Community,

As we continue to launch towards our token swap, testnet, and many other developments, we’d like to share a quick update on what we have been up to recently.

We have been quietly working hard, putting out more developments than any other project. We have over 730 Github commits on our OPEN API and over 888 Github commits on our OPEN Chain, rivaling only a handful of protocols in the entire space.


We previously announced the development of activation flags that allow the efficient activation and deactivation of a scaffold. The addition of the activation flag further reduced the gas required for contract deployment by 40%.


We’ve added Versions Support into our API. Previously, after a contract had been altered, the older version would not be supported by the API. However, with Versions Support, previously deployed contracts would still be supported. Also, UTC is the new time format that has been implemented.

A payment widget is in the works which is a widget that allows committing a payment with our scaffolds via web. This widget will also have customizable authorization to exclude a possibility of the authorization token being compromised.

The Python and GO SDKs are the next SDKs in development with further details to be released next week.

OPEN Chain

The team has structured how much weight each vote will have according to the OPEN token balance and how it will be recalculated and distributed. This is important to ensuring that accurate election of the delegate occurs. Furthermore, the system for a token holder to recall their vote is also currently being established. Transaction signing is being incorporated into the chain development.

On the RPC side, we’re implementing a variety of features including the ability to create transfer transactions, delegation transaction, vote transaction, and vote recall.

Over the next week, we plan to work on Wallet WEB UI v.0.1 — a basis for later WEB wallet implementation, address discovery to restore any lost wallets, delegate reward structure, and block production time.

Additionally, we will be optimizing data structures, removing unused data, and improving serialization and deserialization.

Visual designs for the OPEN wallet and block explorer are also being created.

Thanks again for your continued support. Stay tuned for our upcoming updates!

The future is OPEN!

Github Public Repositories

Here are all public repositories our team is currently working with:

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