OPEN Scaffold Infrastructure Goes Live Ahead of Roadmap


At OPEN, our core ethos has always been to focus on building real tools to empower developers. It makes us especially proud to officially announce the first release of our OPEN Scaffolds API!

Our API begins with a dashboard that summarizes the Scaffolds that have already been deployed by the developer.

Clicking the Scaffold address takes you to its description on Etherscan so the developer has full transparency into what is happening on-chain.

The API displays the functionality of one of our core architectural components — the Scaffold. Using the API, a developer can publish a customized Scaffold on-chain and use it to accept payments. The developer can also specify what data is propagated to the application’s database, as well as how that data is represented. Finally, the Developer can specify to which wallet they want their funds to be transferred to. The most powerful component of this system is that the Developer can deploy the smart contract onto the blockchain without ever having write Solidity or interact with the blockchain directly!

Each Scaffold also has a summary page where the developer can view the volume of transactions that have flowed through the Scaffold as well as how much money is currently residing within the Scaffold. The developer can then withdraw the funds into their own wallet. You can even confirm the existence of the withdrawal transaction on Etherscan!

We hope you are as excited about this as we are! This is the first step to enabling cryptocurrencies to be used by everyone, everywhere. Here is a video to go over everything we have talked about so far. More to come soon!

Watch the demo video below:


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