OPEN Technology Stack Development Program


We are excited to announce the launch of the OPEN Technology Stack Development Program as we continue to focus on bringing talented developers to engage the OPEN ecosystem. In this program, we will be rewarding developers for building applications and projects leveraging OPEN’s technology. For example, with our released SDKs and documentation, developers can choose to deploy scaffolds, integrate the API or build a DApp on top of OPEN Chain. Our robust OPEN Chain and OPEN Platform documentation provides the tools necessary for developers to easily deploy DApps on top of OPEN Chain. 

We are interested in a wide variety of applications and projects that developers can create in a myriad of categories, including but not limited to gaming, DeFi, payments, and UI improvements of existing OPEN technologies. We want to keep this program open-ended and would love to see where individual developers or development teams take this. Below are some of OPEN’s extensive developer resources that developers can utilize to build their own projects and applications:

OPEN Development Tools: We have spent a significant amount of time focusing on building easy to use, intuitive user tools for interacting with our platform and OPEN Chain. An explorer for OPEN Chain, wallet, delegating and much more are all available to developers.

OPEN Chain: OPEN Chain looks to build upon existing protocols and provide a high-throughput smart contract platform that allows developers to deploy a wide range of DApps. Developers can deploy smart contracts on OPEN Chain in all JVM languages. This opens up development to a wider variety of existing languages that are already used including Java, Clojure, Groovy, Kotlin, and Scala. OPEN Chain relies on DPoS and BFT for consensus which has shown to reach a TPS of 5,000 in initial tests.  

OPEN Platform: The Platform allows developers to deploy payment scaffolds and integrate cryptocurrency payment gateways in both their centralized and decentralized applications in a way that abstracts away complexities of the development process.

OPEN SDKs: Ready-to-use SDKS for our platform include GoLang, Python, JVM, JS, and more. These SDKS make development along with the OPEN Platform usable across your blockchain application or hybrid applications.

Program Rewards:

1st Place: $15,000 

2nd Place: $10,000 

3rd Place: $3,000  

Program rewards are in ETH or BTC based on equivalent ETH or BTC value at the time of payout. 


Projects will be judged on a variety of criteria:

Engagement Metrics

The 1st place reward requires at least 500 MAU, the 2nd place reward requires at least 200 MAU, and the 3rd place reward requires at least 50 MAU. 

*MAU = Monthly Active Users 

*Projects that do not measure engagement via active users can utilize unique account identifiers. Or, if the key unique engagement metric is transacted dollars (i.e. in a payment platform or payments application), the equivalent of total dollars transacted will be pegged in USD with 1 active user being the equivalent of $100 (1 active user per $100).  

Use of OPEN Technology

We are looking for applications or projects that leverage OPEN’s technology in novel ways. For example, creating a payment gateway for a centralized application using the OPEN API and showing sample payment flows would be an interesting use case. Please start by taking a look at: and Projects that are also considering OPEN technology will also be considered. 

GitHub or Codebase Quality & Authenticity 

Projects will be expected to submit a Github, displaying their codebase. Please include all required documentation. We may have follow up correspondence with program participants to discuss improvements and provide feedback. You must be the original author of the codebase being submitted for this program.

Idea Originality

How original is the idea in relation to existing applications and projects? 

Product Development Roadmap

What is the path to achieving more users for your application or project? Are there plans to include more features in the future? 

Please submit your entry here. The deadline for application or project submission is July 1, 2021 by 11:59 PM PST. 

Program reward recipients will be contacted after all submissions are thoroughly reviewed. Please reach out with any questions on Telegram. We look forward to seeing your submissions. Best of luck!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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