What are the most important properties of the OPEN Platform?


The OPEN Platform is one that is built with a purpose that truly reflects its namesake — to create an OPEN ecosystem that drives innovation and evolution of the blockchain and drives its adoption by the mainstream. Let’s look at what that means from two different perspectives: capabilities of the technology as it relates to ease of use for mainstream software developers operating the platform and tying into the blockchain, and using the platform as a payment gateway (which is really just one use case of our OPEN Scaffold and the tip of the iceberg).

Ease of Use for Developers

At a top level, for mainstream software developers our goal is to provide an easy bridge to blockchain technology, and the ability for developers to set-up their blockchain functionality in a way that doesn’t require any previous blockchain programming ability (no need to understand solidity). Here are some of the highlights of the OPEN Platform for developers:

* Turnkey plug-and-play solution that easily integrates decentralized technologies with existing software applications

* Unique attributes allow for customization of blockchain functions through our Scaffold Creator

* Adjust smart contract settings on the fly

* Benefit from the innovation of blockchain technology without having to alter centralized stacks

* Modular architecture allows us to swap out for more advanced blockchain components as they roll out

* System agnostic: our platform works on any blockchain and can tie-in to any software application

Innovative Payments Solution

One of first problems we’re solving for at OPEN is monetization. From a payment gateway standpoint, our goal is to make the massive value of cryptocurrency markets available to ANY mainstream application for in-app purchases. To tackle this, we needed to make sure that we could handle any payment scheme, from online gaming, to enterprise applications, to subscription services. Further, we wanted to create value-add by solving for longstanding payment issues, and by making cryptocurrency not only accessible, but approachable, by mainstream applications that may have no prior experience with cryptocurrency:

* Deploy a range applications with any payment scheme

* Cryptocurrency agnostic: consumers can pay with any major cryptocurrency, allowing for deep market reach

* Acceptance flexibility: developers can choose to hold payments in ETH, convert to another cryptocurrency or even fiat, at point of sale; e.g developers who have never thought of accepting cryptocurrency can allow payments via crypto, but accept payment in fiat

* Real-time transactions eliminate 30–60 day wait periods

* Built-in mechanisms to protect against market volatility

* Eliminates middlemen and 3rd party fees

* Tracks all user transactions and stores receipts

* Mitigates fraud

* Eliminates chargebacks

Rocket Fuel For Mainstream Adoption

As members of and advocates for the blockchain community, the OPEN vision is to provide a path of adoption, innovation, and evolution for both the blockchain and mainstream software worlds. It is our hope that by making the considerations we have, our technology will provide the much needed infrastructure for widespread blockchain acceptance.

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