Why OPEN is a Developer’s Best Friend


Integrating the blockchain into the existing technology stack of an application is far from simple. It requires design, analysis, architecting, testing, marketing and a healthy dash of luck. Not only must developers achieve proficiency in their craft, but they must also have a deep understanding of the nuances of blockchain architectures.

If we are going to see a blossoming number of new applications utilizing blockchain protocols, it has to make financial sense for developers. If they have to build their applications from scratch using new programming languages and adapting to new decentralized paradigms, many talented developers may find the barriers of entry to be too high.

Even worse — what happens if they do decide to take the plunge, and then the market shifts and the technology platform they’ve been working with is no longer “the place to be”? For example, can anyone be certain that Ethereum will be king three years from now?

It’s clear that a huge number of developers recognize the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The over $500 billion in liquid digital assets sitting on the blockchain is a juicy incentive to being able to accept cryptocurrencies within applications.

Until now, however, the tools required to accept cryptocurrencies for applications haven’t existed.

OPEN provides developers with infrastructure that enables them to port their existing applications onto the blockchain and begin accepting cryptocurrencies. Developers do not need to learn new programming languages and can utilize languages that they are already familiar with through OPEN’s API. By using OPEN, developers can deploy blockchain components instantly, without knowing Solidity, by using a unique tool built for developers who wish to skip the learning curve of the blockchain and related programming languages like Solidity. The developer can create customized payment schemes through the OPEN API, enabling them to accept cryptocurrency payments. All the while, changes are integrated directly with their application through OPEN States.

OPEN resolves four essential problems that no other technology has been able to address until now. First, developers can easily integrate the blockchain into their existing applications without investing considerable resources. With just a few simple lines of code, they can begin accepting cryptocurrencies in a way that can communicate with their backend database — a struggle for cryptocurrency wallets themselves to deal with.

Second, the OPEN Platform allows them to easily sync their on-chain transactions with their off-chain databases. There are no manual checks of transactions and subsequent changes to the application backend. OPEN provides this direct link, making the entire transaction process seamless.

Third, developers are paid immediately without the long transaction cycle they are used to with current systems. They also avoid the exorbitant app-store fees associated with traditional payment methods.

And finally, the OPEN Platform’s blockchain agnostic architecture assures them that their investment in time and effort will be protected regardless of which technology platform becomes prevalent down the road.

As an added bonus, developers that are part of OPEN’s Developer Program are able to receive airdrops for their users. (Read more about our Developer Program here). Without a doubt OPEN is every developer’s best friend.

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